Tommy Delaney Remembered

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Tommy Delaney. Photo – Carol Delaney

We hear of the sad news of the passing of Tommy Delaney. Tommy gave blood, sweat and tears to the members of The Mystermen and Blue Russia. Tommy was a true believer, a true romantic. Always there, always present moving gear, getting gigs and raising money for studios and projects. Tommy lived a full life in fact I would say 9 lives in one! God Bless Tommy.

Myster Men- German Tour Hamburg

Mystermen to Dublin to Hamburg 1983

Frank Kearns – First band to tour Germany in the back of a meat truck with no windows 

Tony St Ledger – No Air, No Money!

Myster Men- In London - with manager Tommy Deleany and Sarah O'Brien at Martell Road.jpg

Blue Russia with Tommy Delaney and Sarah O’Brien 41 Martell Road SE21

Tony St Ledger – Tommy gave it all and we embarked on the Rock’n’Roll Rollercoaster trip of a lifetime (Mystermen/ Blue Russia) – really saddened with this news, the most lovable rouge, full of charm and life. He totally believed in us and the stories and yarns are too vast to but down at this time. My deepest sympathy to his lovely family. For sure Tommy Delaney left no stone unturned in his lust for life and music. The Train Back Home / Sad Melodies was always his favorites. RIP Tommy, I will always keep the fond memories of you close.

Frank Kearns – I never knew Tommy passed. I second those sentiments

Carol Delaney – Thank you for those lovely words Tony. Dad sacrificed a lot. But he lived life to the full. Enjoyed life. Bit of a rogue at times. But we loved him dearly. Left big hole in our lives. He is still missed.

John Crookes –  Lovely words Tony, very eloquently put, Tommy met a woman and moved to Poland some time ago. He died from cancer and Carol told me that he had fond memories of our time together. I could write a book on the things we got up to. I will never forget driving to Liverpool to see the The Wolf Tones and then going home to Dublin on the ferry via Liverpool when Tommy told me that he only had tickets for 2 passengers and unfortunately Dave drew the short straw and was stuck in the back of a Marshall cab for the duration of the trip 🙂 He loved to play Pool and we spent many days at the Half Moon perfecting our skills drinking Hofmeister and Tommy screaming ‘Ah for fucks sake” when the black ball want in off. I looked after his dog “Blue ” for a while and I was looking at photos today, he was the friendliest Alsatian you could meet. we spent a big part of our lives in that Toyota Hiace van traveling all over London and I remember when U2’s “Pride” came out and we has just played with the Housemartins at Leicester Square and Tommy really believed success was just around the corner. He loved his southern comfort and I am sure he thought it was medicinal.

Noel McMurray – Sad hearing of Tommy passing. He may have been out of sight, not out of mind… Barely a day goes by when memories occupy my present mind of those heydayze of desire, determination, and a lot of innocence to some extent…He like us all was a part of ‘it’… On reflection, he hung in when he was pushed aside…. Albeit for the better good… .He remained and his enthusiasm never diluted… I’m sure wherever he is he has some ‘angle going on’….Bless him…He was the ‘Original Commitment’ long before the film… Love and light. Nolaig

Seran Tashin – great stories! Some of which I do remember! He was a one off! Memories making me smile! x

Louise Mason – Happy days and fond memories. X

Jim Miller – Sad to hear of Tommy”s passing he was a gentleman who believed in the music he was promoting and the musicians who were making that music. I shared a flat with Tommy and Blue for a while. He used to supply me with meat that he got from Sue Ellen and I made beef in beer for the band. The gig in Leicester square with the Housemartins was bizzare we were smoking dope and they were eating jelly babies.

John Crookes – That’s right Jim, they became famous shortly afterwards with Happy Hour. Stan the guitarist accused me when he couldn’t find his Bose chromatic tuner but apologised later on.

Brendan Hayes – I’m so shocked at that news. Fond memories of him bringing the band into Jingles back in the late 70s for haircuts. Met him about seven years ago and had a beer for old time sake. He was working with Rob Strong at the time. A lovable Rouge! As Tony says! My condolences to his family.


Jane Mason is this pic taken in the half moon? sad about Tommy too ….Can still hear Noel McMurray impressions tho 😂 Blue !! hope you are all well …happy been years….my mum always recalls Larry Mullen calling our house for Noel …..x


London Russians – Photo Catherine Tilley

Catherine Tilley – RIP Tommy fond memories, amazing times. Hope you all enjoy seeing this!! x

Jim Miller – Ken’s in the driver’s seat

Niamh Kiernan – I’ve absolutely loved hearing all your stories about my dad, Tommy Delaney. Until the very end he spoke about your days and the adventures and I know for sure he held them close in his heart. His passion for music never faded, he recorded some songs himself ! He lived his life to the full until the very end. Settling in Poland , where he is now buried. We would love to meet some of you some day and celebrate those days and hear more stories.
Thanks guys xxx

Eric Burdon The Animals and Rose Marks- Ring, Ring?

Eric Burdon and Rose Marks- Ring, Ring?

Noel Patrick Delaney- Tommy’s Brother – Tommy came to Hamburg with the Mystermen. I was working at EMI Germany. I arranged all the gig tour also the studio where they produced a single record. We had to move out for one day because Eric BurtonThe Animals wanted to use the studio. After he had left the owner said that the Mystermen had been using the telephone running up a bill for 300 DM. What really happened was that Eric was calling ( hours on end) his divorced wife in the States! I told Tommy he should ring me when they got near to Hamburg. He did so at 2am. I then had to wait4 hours. What happened was he thought Hamburg was Homburg ( 300 KM from Hamburg ) They finally got to Hamburg at 6am. All the lads including Tommy slept at my small flat. My wife had just had our Son Patrick. She was not very pleased about this situation!! Sleeping bags all over the place. Tommy nearly got run over on a main street in Hamburg, crossing the road he looked right instead left. Anyway it was a lot of fun. I did go to Poland to say farewell to my beloved brother.